Shannon Gibson


I've never been a gym person and have always had a tough time getting regular exercise into my irregular schedule. As a result, lacked muscle tone and strength and wasn't happy with my fitness (or lack thereof). Shannon worked with me to create a flexible "virtual training" plan that enabled me to workout in the privacy of my own home, at my own pace, at a convenient time for me. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to dedicate enough time to really make a difference but Shannon assured me that little changes can lead to big results and doing what I can do will be enough to make a difference. She was so positive and encouraging and I felt completely comfortable working with her. I couldn't believe how quickly I started to see results. In just two weeks I was shocked to see noticeable improvement which motivated me to work harder. Now, months later, thanks to Shannon's help I finally have found a way to make exercise a part of my daily life that I enjoy and I am proud of the changes in my body. I'm so glad I decided to work with her & I highly recommend her to anyone who could use some help getting in shape. Shannon is the best there is!

-Katy Helen 

Getting yourself to follow through on commitments to workout is hard; and when you fail to follow through you also feel guilty and ashamed that you are not meeting your goals. It is easier to find an excuse not to exercise than it is to exercise; even if you have the best intentions the day before for an early morning workout where you are too tired to start your day in that manner, or if you have committed mentally to exercising after work and you find that you are stressed out at work and mentally and/or physically exhausted after work and find it easier to just relax. Maybe you tell yourself you had a bad day and deserve to relax. Even if you overcome those obstacles you probably have to convince yourself to get to the gym and actually use the membership that you paid for but rarely use; more guilt. If you make it to the gym, are you comfortable working out amongst others, self-conscious about how you look, are people staring at you?

Shannon eliminates the excuses, the trip to the gym, and your fears, with a set schedule, a trip to your home, and a positive attitude of encouragement and acknowledgement that helps you realize you are meeting your expectations and will reach your goals. Shannon brings very little equipment with her because of the creative ways in which the workouts are structured and how they utilize ordinary things you would find in any home. She also personalizes the workouts for your level of strength and cardio and ensures that every workout is different but still aims to satisfy your specific goals. One of the most important aspects of how Shannon works with me is her ability to recognize that a particular exercise may be too difficult and change the exercise so that it still accomplishes the same emphasis on the muscle group or cardio originally intended.

When I am working out with Shannon I feel like I am with a friend because of her positivity, her personality, and her great motivational skills that are sincere and reassuring. I actually look forward to working out now and I can thank Shannon for that. Since I have started exercising with Shannon I feel better, I have lost weight and will continue to lose weight, and I will – without a doubt meet all of my fitness goals.

Julie H.